Bringing generations of experience to the table to help small businesses expand, exit, and build their legacies through the companies they operate.

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Preserving Legacies, Facilitating Successful Acquisitions, and guiding small business owners.

We believe that small business owners have redefined the American Dream and deserve to have access to the highest levels of assistance that have historically been reserved for Fortune 500 companies. Whether you are buying an existing business or have owned a business for 40 years, we are here to help. These privately owned businesses are the backbone of our communities and  we aim to bridge the gap between big business consultants and the small business world. More small businesses are set to change hands in the next 10 years than any other time in history and with so many people trying to buy a business, our exit planning service serves to create better outcomes for both parties. We believe in protecting and preserving the legacy of business ownership and are on track to create 1,000 exit plans for small businesses nationwide by 2026 and assist 1,000 buyers successfully complete the purchase of a small business by 2025. 

Image of Tyler Evans, the president of Eureka Business Consultants.

Tyler B. Evans, President

Tyler was born into a family of entrepreneurs and many of the 'dinner table evangelism' business lessons took hold from an early age. After graduating from Harvard with a focus on government and economics, he decided to join the family business and is a 2nd generation business broker and M&A advisor. 

His primary focus in brokerage is privately held businesses with revenues ranging from $1Million in revenue to $50 Million in revenue and he has personally sold over $100 million in combined total enterprise value and completed thousands of valuations for small business owners over the last decade.

Tyler maintains an active role in numerous organizations such as the California Association of Business Brokers, CalCPA, M&A Source, International Business Brokers Association, The Exit Planning Institute and the North San Diego Business Chamber where he is a co-chair of the Emerging Leaders Advisory Board which provides leadership training and career advancement strategies for young professionals

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Trusted by industry leaders to drive business success

Eureka reviewed my financials and identified 4 expense line items that were way out of line. Once I got them under control, I was back on track.

Joseph, Consulting Client

Once I identified the businesses that I was interested in, I decided to have Eureka look over my shoulder and provide input on what questions I should be asking. Going through this process for the first time was scary, so I'm glad they were there to help.

Rita, ETA Enthusiast

The exit plan was very detailed and the explanations were very clear. The hard part is always executing the plan. I know that when I run into issues, I have someone that I can call.

Selina, Owner of Wholesale Business

Eureka stepped in when a deal I liked was on the ropes and helped me brainstorm deal structures that were win-win. It was money well spent.

Rocky, Business Buyer

The valuation and analysis of strengths and weaknesses in my business were extremely helpful in getting us focus on where we needed to be in order to reach our valuation goals.

James, Owner of Machine Shop

The business valuation and exit plan that I received allowed me to focus on maximizing the value of my business before putting it up for sale. Their roadmap helped me increase my business value by over 40%!

Skyler Adelson

I needed some answers on why my cash balance wasn't accruing on my balance sheet in line with my projections. Eureka analyzed my P&L and found an error in my pricing. They saved me thousands!

Denise Hara

I approached Eureka to review a CIM on a business that I wanted to buy. They came up with a list of 30+ questions to asked after a deep financial analysis of the business. I had some of the same questions, but there were 10+ questions I never would have thought to ask. I have since had them review 10 different CIMs before moving forward on the business that was the right fit.

Dean Traber

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Our Services

Maximize Your Business Potential

Exit planning

Our comprehensive Exit Planning process includes valuation, succession planning, and strategy development. We help small business owners maximize their business's value and ensure a smooth transition.

Management COnsulting

Our Management Consulting services are designed specifically for small businesses, providing tailored solutions to help you grow and succeed. With our expertise and proven methodology, we guide business owners in focusing on the right areas and implementing effective strategies.

Acquisition consulting

At Eureka Business Consultants, we guide our clients through a comprehensive process to identify and acquire the right business that aligns with their goals and aspirations. We leverage our industry knowledge and network to ensure a successful acquisition and transition.

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M&A Consulting

Our merger & acquisition consulting service is tailored to assist small businesses in navigating the complexities of M&A transactions, aiming to enhance performance, secure competitive advantages, and ensure sustainable growth.

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